What to Expect on your first visit to your chiropractor in Mona Vale?

A warm welcome is number one on our list; we know only too well that you are likely to be a little apprehensive at your first visit to a chiropractor; not knowing what to expect can often make any of us a little nervous. However, with Mona Vale Chiropractic and Natural Therapies, your Chiropractor in Mona Vale, the moment you enter our warm, friendly environment you will be made to feel totally at ease. Our experienced team will do whatever it takes to ensure that your visit with us is a pleasant one.

When you arrive the first thing we'll do is to prepare your file and establish a detailed history of your overall health. Next your Chiropractor will perform a thorough examination incorporating orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. Then, if necessary, your Chiropractor may also refer you for x-rays to provide more detailed information about a specific condition. Combining all this information gives us a clearer picture to be able to deliver the best possible recommendations for your health.

If chiropractic care is the right choice for you, your Chiropractor in Mona Vale may give you your first adjustment right away. You can be confident that, before this happens, we’ll talk to you about your proposed care, the available alternatives and any potential risks associated with our recommendations. The more you understand about the chiropractic process, the better the results are likely to be. We’ll also talk to you about our recommendations for your follow-up appointment and future care.

Note – Paperwork is inevitable, however the process can be shortened by your downloading and printing the form at home prior to your first visit. Completing this before you arrive at our Mona Vale practice will save you time. Click here to download the form.

Your Second Visit to the Chiropractor in Mona Vale

Report of Findings

On your second visit to Mona Vale Chiropractic and Natural Therapies, your Chiropractor in Mona Vale will discuss with you how you responded to your first adjustment; this gives vital information on where you are in your healing process - you will then be taken through your Report of Findings.

This gives a detailed explanation of Chiropractic care and how it is relevant to your individual situation. Your Chiropractor will make specific recommendations as to the most appropriate action to take in correcting your condition. You will have the opportunity to question and discuss your case and communicate your health goals so we can understand your priorities.

It is normally at this stage that many people realise that Chiropractic care offers much more than they originally thought and it soon becomes apparent that you don't need symptoms in order to benefit from Chiropractic care. Others are regularly introduced to the improved quality of life that regular Chiropractic care offers as a result of this discovery.

High Tech Help from Your Mona Vale Chiropractor

At our practice, we make use of some of the best science and technology available to help us obtain a better clinical picture of your health – so that, in turn, we can do better for you.

Our pre-adjustment consultation will consist of:

  • A detailed case history of your condition, including past episodes, past treatment (if any) and medical/surgical interventions.
  • A thorough physical examination including Orthopaedic, Neurological and Chiropractic testing.
  • X-rays - when necessary, we may refer you to local radiologists who understand the importance of taking Chiropractic x-rays. We have found that it is better for people to be weight-bearing (standing) during our spinal x-rays so that we can see how your spine adapts to carrying your frame when you are upright. This provides us with much more information than if your films are taken lying down.

In addition to 'Hi Tech' analysis, Mona Vale Chiropractic and Natural Therapies in Mona Vale also utilise modern adjusting tables that have multiple Drop-Piece segments as well as Activator Instruments that can be used to deliver very low-force adjustments when appropriate.

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