Should I visit my chiropractor if I’m not in pain?

Pain is a good indicator that something within the body requires attention but cannot tell us how severe the condition causing the pain may be. Sometimes we can become 'acclimatised' to the body's state and what ordinarily would be considered 'pain' is what we regard as a normal part of our daily life. The symptom becomes a mild discomfort that's to be endured because we have had it for a while and it has become just something that you accept.

Lack of pain is not necessarily a good signpost to the condition your spine is in. To use an example most of us are familiar with – a water leak may not always show us immediately where it starts. Often water will enter at point 'A' but not be seen until it reaches point 'F'. We say that it 'tracks' from its point of entry and winds and finds it way to an exit point. Pain has a similar habit of originating at a certain point, say, on the spine where either bad posture over a period of time or an injury we didn't even notice sets up an irritation of the nerves. The pain then tracks up or down to a point at which we now feel it. It could be severe or, in many cases, hardly felt at all except for the occasional 'twinge'.

The experienced chiropractor looks carefully for asymmetry and misalignment of the body. Many patients choose to get periodic maintenance checks from their chiropractor, in the same way as you would do for your car; if it's good enough for a collection of metal, plastic and glass it is surely good enough for a bundle of bones, especially when it's the only bundle you possess.

If you wish for your body to function at its highest capacity this is something we can assist you with. Some people wait for teeth to start aching before they visit the dentist, by which time it is invariably too late to save the tooth. Not only that but a tooth filled with decay slowly affects the whole body eventually, and that means its physical and mental performance. By having a spine that is functioning optimally with minimal nerve interference, can we enjoy a full and active life.

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