Can the elderly benefit from chiropractic care?

These days what is elderly? What used to be considered 'old' at 60 is now only 'senior' at 80. How many people can you think of who look as though they're in their fifties, and then you discover they are well over 65 or even 70?

To find that you're adding on the years can be a little daunting for some – but it doesn't mean that you necessarily have to put up with the discomfort of aching backs, shoulders or limbs. What tends to happen though is that aching limbs and joints are often disregarded due to the "I'm just getting old" syndrome. Well, just because you may be getting older, is no reason to put up with that discomfort.

Seniors often ask whether they can benefit through chiropractic care and if it will help to alleviate problems with shoulder, hip and other joints without jeopardising them. The answer in most cases is 'yes'. The first step is to ask your chiropractor “Can you help me with my health problem?” If you don't ask the question, you will never know the answer. We will then be able to examine the facts of your individual circumstances, assess the pain and its causes and then tell you what can be done to assist you. Invariably we aim to provide greater mobility and improve your body's ability to function.

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